Nicole Chochrek is an interdisciplinary artist utilizing visual and performative frameworks to explore contemporary issues and environmental disparities. Her work is based on the accessibility and digestibility of information, deep listening, shared responsibilities, and the construction of new ways of being together. Her work includes installations, sculptures, eco-art, performative actions, and collaborations which have been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues from the Kolva-Sullivan Gallery in Spokane, Washington to Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait. She implements projects around themes such as dyslexia, environmental stewardship, alternate forms of communication, and detritus. Materials can range from found objects, microplastics, technology such as surface transducers, projections and fiber. The form it takes is a mechanism of communication, its utility is in the device or material it is constructed from. They propel each other until a resolution is reached. The scale of these projects are large and like research can take time to develop. Working with a multitude of media allows for continual exploration while projects progress.