My artistic practice first began when my community (Denton, Texas) was trying to ban

fracking. As a geography student, I was invested in facilitating dialogue around the

social and physical implications of that issue. In collaboration with friends, we formed

Puppets for the Planet . We used nondescript puppets and satirical performance to call

out the issues our community was facing. It was successful because conversations

were happening on an interpersonal level. This led me to the belief that art and

communication can be used as tools to create real change for oneself and one’s


As an interdisciplinary artist, I utilize visual and performative frameworks to explore

contemporary issues and environmental disparities. My work is based on the

accessibility and digestibility of information, deep listening, shared responsibilities, and

the construction of new ways of being together. The form it takes is a mechanism of

communication, its utility is in the device or material it is constructed from. They propel

each other until a resolution is reached.

I use a wide range of methods to create work from sculpture, performance, video and

sound elements, technology, collage and found objects. The peak of my interest can be

found in socially engaged and eco-art. The scale of these projects are large, and like

research can take time to develop. Working with a multitude of media allows for

continual exploration while projects progress.